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Melanie Dubach


Through life with grit - I think that describes my life. 


I can understand you in over 90%, because I have had many situations that were not easy.

My story briefly explained. I wasn't particularly fit, was overweight, had a miscarriage and have since had surgery on my back, knee, wrist, elbow and stomach. As a spare parts store, I don't have many opportunities to train the body and so I got to know EMS and have only been training what I offer for several years.

My expertise comes from military service, which I have done since 1999.
I am a sergeant and had successfully completed several years of service until an accident forced me out of this job.

I never lost courage and found the opportunity to save myself and my life with EMS.


YESBODY has become a matter close to my heart and I want to help people not make the same mistakes I made. I would like to share my experiences and know-how with you and accompany and motivate people on their way to even more health, vitality and quality of life.

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Christine Hegglin


During my three pregnancies, I not only gained over 25 kilos and lost almost all of it, but I also suffered from several herniated discs over many years. By chance, at a marketing training course, I met a fellow sufferer and doctor who is enthusiastic about EMS and now successfully runs 2 EMS studios in Germany.

Too many people (over 80%) still suffer from back pain, obesity and other complaints and have to lose a lot of quality of life. My goal is to help many people with our EMS studio. Through consistent but time-saving training, they should regain the stability and fitness that restores joy in life.

The YESBODY Studio is a matter close to our hearts. We know the stories of suffering from our own experiences and are happy if we can help many people to reduce their suffering. Come by and test EMS - I'm sure you'll be thrilled too.

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